WonderFil Specialty Threads

WonderFil Specialty Threads from Canada combines beautiful colors, different materials, thicknesses ranging from XNUMXwt-XNUMXwt with infinite applications: quilting, embroidery, fiber art, frivolité, lace making, crochet, sewing and much more.

To choose a thread for your project you need to know more about it than just the color. Choose for thick or thin; cotton, rayon, metallic or polyester; do you want shiny mat? And what are the consequences of choosing a specific thread for the appearance of your work? All questions that you have to answer before making a choice. At WonderFil we understand that and we do everything we can to help you choose the thread that suits your project.

We think it is important that you are as happy with our thread as we ourselves are. That is why we also provide information on how to treat the thread for the best results. If you do get into trouble you can always contact our helpdesk. We do our utmost to help you solve the problem.

WonderFil Specialty Threads is a wholesaler and does not sell to consumers, but fortunately there are more and more stores (including webshops) that sell our thread. The names and addresses can be found on the 'Where to buy' page. On our website you will find information about all our threads and also the suggested retail prices. Furthermore we have a page with video lessons where all kinds of techniques with WonderFil thread are discussed. On our blog we tell you our WonderFil news, new stores that sell WonderFil, fun projects to make with WonderFil thread, shows where you can find us and so on. Looking for inspiration then check our Gallery page. There you will find quilts and other projects that have been made with WonderFil.

You can also contact us, or one of our other Threaducation Centers, for Threaducation workshops. We tell you everything about our thread and what's even more fun: you can try everything yourself on your own sewing machine. Do you prefer to work by hand? That is an option too!

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